Who We Are:
The U.S.S. SOLSTICE – NCC 1221 is the Greensburg, PA-based chapter of STARFLEET International fan club.

We are a Ship in the 7th Fleet.


We are a friendly community-minded organization, looking for Star Trek fans who want to join our club.


The Mission: What We Do:


  • We go to conventions

  • We participate in public service events

  • We attend social events with other Star Trek and other Sci-Fi fans

  • We have game nights or movie nights

  • We encourage you to attend STARFLEET Academy and learn something new

  • We hold a (fictional) rank or position within a local, regional or international organization.

  • We raise funds and take donations for charity that are near to our hearts, to inspire young minds, and to promote the club.


Enlist onboard U.S.S. SOLSTICE:

Want to join us? 

You will have to take the following steps:

  1.  Join STARFLEET International

    • There is a cost for this process (~ $5.00) 

    • CLICK here to access the website

  2. Affiliate with USS Solstice (Region 7)​

    • We have a few rules:

      • Chapter Dues are TBA yearly (  ?  quarterly).
        This money will go into the chapter's general fund to pay for tables at shows like Steel City Con or general supplies.

      • (This doesn’t pertain to our out of state members.)​

  3. Members are are encouraged to look at the online materials at STARFLEET Academy. 

    • There are a ton of interesting subjects to take

    • All the Ship's Officers must take the Officers' Training School course at the very least.

    • Also, Department Heads should to take the necessary courses for the position they hold​

  4. Uniforms are not required, however:

    • To attend certain events they WILL be. This is to make our ship and crew look professional.

    • The Captain &/or Away Team Leader will specify Uniform-of-the-Day requirements for specific events.

    • We have already selected a standard uniform. This is located in the members section. 


CO  Commander  Smith


XO Lt. Commander Rocco


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