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Who we are: 

The U.S.S. SOLSTICE – NCC 1221 is the Greensburg, PA-based chapter of STARFLEET, The International Fan Association, Inc..

We are a Ship in the 7th Fleet.


Mission Statement

To Participate in social activities and educate the public in the science of Star Trek and Astronomy.  

 U.S.S. SOLSTICE  is a Star Trek inspired fan club that is part of STARFLEET, The International Association Fan Club, Inc..  As a fan club, we hope that our members have fun by encouraging them to dress up and attend conventions, recruit new members, and ask for you to attend STARFLEET Academy, free of charge!  We hope to keep the ideals of Star Trek alive and healthy in to the future.

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Enlist onboard U.S.S. SOLSTICE:

Want to join us? 

You will have to take the following steps:

  1. Join STARFLEET International

    • There is a cost for this process (~ $10.00) 

    • CLICK here to access the website

  2. Affiliate with USS Solstice (Region 7)​

    • We have a few rules:

      • DO NOT embarrass

        • your SHIP

        • your Command staff

        • your crew members

        • & yourself  

      • Chapter Dues are TBA yearly (  ?  quarterly).
        This money will go into the chapter's general fund to pay for tables at shows like Steel City Con or general supplies.

      • (This doesn’t pertain to our out of state members.)​

  3. Members are are encouraged to look at the online materials at STARFLEET Academy. 

    • There are a ton of interesting subjects to take

    • All the Ship's Officers must take the Officers' Training School course at the very least.

    • Also, Department Heads should to take the necessary courses for the position they hold​

  4. Uniforms are not required, however:

    • To attend certain events they WILL be needed .   This is to make our ship and crew look professional.​.  We do have Garak's closet if you would like to borrow something.

    • The Captain &/or Away Team Leader will specify Uniform-of-the-Day requirements for specific events.

    • We have already selected standard uniforms. These are located in the members section only on the Promenade.

  5. Garak's closet and the Promenade are only available to members of the USS SOLSTICE CREW

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