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complete this form from the website

Under CHAPTER: you MUST select our ship: USS SOLSTICE - R7

Scroll to the bottom and select how you wish to pay.

Then click SUBMIT

You should get an email and in a few days you will receive your LOG IN information.
If you don't get one from STARFLEET, the Command Staff will be in touch with you

None of the membership fee goes to our Chapter.  All of the fee goes directly to STARFLEET, to pay for the various costs associated with running an organization such as this one, including the annual International Conference, web-hosting and design, database hosting and maintenance, etc.  

We do not have control over how much you are charged to join STARFLEET.  Please fill out the information on the form correctly (especially your email address)

Your data is secure, and is only shared as is absolutely necessary, as per the STARFLEET Data Protection Policy, modelled after the European GDPR. STARFLEET's Data Protection Policy can be found at

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