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Apollo 13 25th Anniversary

First Contact Day


      The  movie Apollo 13 is back in theatres on a limited run just in time for First Contact Day.  Join us in Monroeville as we have a joint away mission with the USS Stella Pirata (Pittsburgh, PA)

Location: Cinemark Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, PA

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) shutting down all non-essential places, this event has been cancelled.  However, if they reschedule, we will post those changes 

We will probably go out for a meal after the film.

For more information, contact CAPT Maria Dutilly (USS Stella Pirata) or LtCDR Matthew Barclay (USS Solstice) on Facebook

Away Mission Leaders: CAPT Dutilly, LtCDR Barclay

NOTE: Since the USS Stella Pirata will be joining us for this event, uniforms are not required.  That being said, LtCDR Barclay will likely be wearing a STARFLEET polo with combadge.

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