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Star Trek: First Contact

First Contact Day

Attention Crew! This is your new ships’ counselor with an important message!

You are invited to holodeck ‘Joyce’s house’ to celebrate the anniversary of ‘First Contact’, mere weeks after the -42nd (minus forty-second) anniversary of the event.

Upon watching the movie, we can discuss different ways of verbal and nonverbal communications when engaging new species and experience some of their culinary delights. This is not a formal group session, but if you would like to dress in Trekkie attire feel free to do so.

If you are interested in bringing a food item, please contact me so that we do not have duplicate items, unlike one of our XO’s party where there were about 5 replicated veggie trays. As your ship’s counselor, please know that I am Bajoran not Betazoid and cannot read minds, therefore, you will have to advise me if you are coming or not and if you are bringing a food item.

Star Date: 2021 04.17

Holodeck Suite: 101 Vincennes Ct Trafford, PA 15085

Time: 6:00 PM-10:00 PM

Com Badge: 412-913-1353

Movie to Start after monthly crew meeting (to be held approx. 7p)

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