Ship's Officers

Next Gen Sci medical blue 2.jpg
Next Gen Sci medical blue.jpg

Medical Officer/Science Officer

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Glenn Smith is dual-hatted as both Flight Control Officer and Science Officer

Medical Officer/Science Officer

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Stellar Cartography


Name: Matthew Barclay

Rank: Commander

Favorite Ship: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

Favorite Episodes: Trials and Tribble-ations, Apocalypse Rising, The Trouble with Tribbles, Face of the Enemy

Favorite Star Trek films: Galaxy Quest, II: The Wrath of Khan, IV: The Voyage Home, VI:The Undiscovered Country, First Contact 

Job Description: Webmaster for the USS Solstice.  CMDR Barclay is also webmaster for the USS Jaresh-Inyo (STARFLEET Region 4), Second Officer of the Solstice, and OIC of the 741st MSG

Chief of Educational Services/Chief Science Officer


Ensign Kathleen DeSantis is Chief of Educational Services and Chief Science Officer

Chief Communications Officer


 is Chief Communications Officer 

Chief Counsellor


LtCDR Joyce Pagley is Ship's Chief Counsellor 

Motto: "If you can’t solve the problem with a D’Tagh, Mek’leth, Bat’leth or Disruptor then its not a real problem"