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STARFLEET Academy is the educational arm of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., and is open to all members of the organization.

  There are tests on a multitude of subjects, including Star Trek topics, astronomy, technology, and history, among others.

    To gain access to the Academy, follow the link below, and create a login.  Within a day or two, your account will be approved, and you will be able to start taking classes.

   Some classes are available through online quizzes, while others require you to download the test (and often the manual as well) and return it via email.

    Currently, the Academy is not posting grades to the Database, due to the ongoing upgrades, however, the College Directors will still grade your classes/tests/quizzes and give you your grade and your grade certificate.  You should then forward your certificate to our Senior Staff.

     The Academy is a fun place to learn.  Currently, there are three sections: Starfleet Academy, MACO Academy, and the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy.  Note, that the only requirement to take a course is for you to be a member of STARFLEET.  Any member can take MACO (Special Operations) or SFMCA classes.

     At this time, OTS and OCC are required for various promotions on our ship.

(article written by Dr CMDR Matthew Barclay, who has a Doctorate in International Studies/Technology Studies at STARFLEET Academy)

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