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Chief Medical Officer


Chief Medical Officer  is charged with formally representing the ship to higher levels of STARFLEET, to other chapters, and to the outside community at large. He or she is the mind of safety and health of the Crew, and may attend the Command Staff meetings. He or she must provide insight, if any, to the proper levels of affiliate organization, in a timely manner unless this task is designated to another member of the ship in their place.

He or she can head the activities; has input to choosing teams, & may help with the creating the budgets.   In the event, that the Chief medical officer will not be attending any convention, then he or she shall name another person to act as Medical Officer  if necessary.

This position is appointed by the CO, XO, and/or SO.  He or she has the authority to relieve personal from duty, for "medical" reasons informally representing the ship NOT to its high level of STARFLEET .

Academy for Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Institute of Alien Studies (IOAS)
-- Any two (2) of the following courses: AOC-101, BOC-103, CTOC-101, COC-101, COBT-101/102, FOC-201, TGA-203, KWA-103, OOC-103, ROC-101, VOC-101
Institute of Medical Arts (IOMA):
-- Any four (4) courses
Institute of Star Trek Studies (IOSTS):
-- College of Starship Operations: CSO-102 and CSO-107

Bylaws for Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

The Chief Medical Officer is the Ship’s financial officer. He or she will make deposits, monitor the ledge and conduct any accounting necessary. He or she, with the help of the financial officer, will remind the crew members when their STARFLEET membership is due no less than 1 (one) month prior to expiration.

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