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Vauthil (as portrayed by Matthew Barclay) giving the Vulcan Salute in an attempt to blend in to Federation society

Subcommander Vauthil


       Born in the Romulan Star Empire to a Human father and a Romulan mother, Subcommander Vauthil is a member of the Tal'Shiar, the Romulan intelligence forces.  His father was executed when Vauthil was approximately 10-15 human years of age, which left a lasting impact on the young Romulan. 

           Wanting to be like his peers, however, he joined the Tal'Shiar, and quickly rose to the rank of Subcommander, despite his obvious disadvantage of being half-human, and therefore having a smooth forehead like their Vulcan ancestors of ancient times.  During his time in the Tal'Shiar, he performed many intelligence operations both inside and outside of Romulan Territory.

      At the young age of 40, he supposedly defected to the Federation, and became the first known Romulan to graduate Starfleet Academy.  He graduated with honours from the Academy, eventually earning a PhD at only 50, and was posted to the USS Solstice, where he serves as a Science Officer.  

        Seemingly loyal to both sides, he plays his position well.  Nobody in either the Tal'Shiar nor the Federation can tell whose side Vauthil is truly on.  However, there is a better supply of Romulan Ale in Federation territory than can be explained by the usual smugglers.  Some have attributed that to mysterious shuttle activity near the Romulan border area.

        Most Federation residents, especially the Humans, find it hard to pronounce his name, so he prefers the name "Victor Mikhailovich Wagner" when interacting with Humans.  It was the name he chose, based on his father's name, and a Human translation of his own name.


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