Garak's Uniform Closet

Have you grown in size?  Have you shrunk?  Garak has the answer for you!  Welcome to the STARFLEET Uniform closet, sponsored by Fleet Captain Edwards.

"In our discussions about members not having costumes, i want to start a loaner program. I have started picking up costumes when I find them cheap. I have 2 xl star trek discovery uniforms and a standard size star trek beyond and a star trek into the darkness klingon standard costume to start the ship's loaner program. My thought is that when we get a member that wants to dress but can't afford it right away they can hit the costume tote. If and when they upgrade their costume on their own, they return the loaner to the chapter." (FCAPT Edwards).

As this program is being run by FCAPT Edwards in his human disguise, there will not be any battles to the death for the uniforms (or battles with bat'leths or painstiks), nor will there be bribes that need to be paid, as he is not a Ferengi.

For more information, contact Kurak on Facebook.  Also, please donate any uniforms that are too small for you, so that others can get a temporary uniform.

One rule for those receiving uniforms: please return them in the same or better condition than you got the uniform.