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Commanding Officer

The Commanding Officer (CO) is charged

  1. with formally representing the ship to higher levels of STARFLEET, to other chapters, and to the outside community at large.

  2. The CO is required to pass the OTS, OCC, and GDPR exams according to STARFLEET regulations 

  3. He or she is the supervisor of the Command Staff and is 2nd chair of the Command Staff meetings.

  4. He or she can give recommendations to the staff and crew as to how to better do their positions, and which academics to take. 

  5. He or she must provide reports, if any, to the proper levels of affiliate organizations, if any, in a timely manner unless this task is designated to another member of the ship.

  6. It is the responsibility of the CO to fill out the MSR in a timely manner as well, unless designated to another member of the ship.

  7. The CO will produce awards and letters for promotion to his/her crew and is financially responsible for rank promotions (pips) to the crew.

  8. The CO will give a report at monthly meetings to report on the full status of the ship & crew. 

  9. The CO is ultimately responsible for the DPO (Data Protection Officer)

  10. The CO chairs meetings of the membership and is an ex-officer member of all ship’s committees.

Academy Classes for Commanding Officer (CO)
 Pass the OTS and OCC

 Institute of Leadership Studies (IOLS):
-- Flag Officer School: FOS-101
-- Any six (6) additional FOS / SOLC / COCD/ GDPR courses 
Institute of Star Trek Studies (IOSTS):
-- College of Starship Operations: CSO-106 and CSO-107

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